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Will You Review My Book?

Due to time constraints, I do not offer book reviews.


Can I Send You My Book Anyway?

While I do genuinely appreciate the gesture, the truth is, my TBR list is overflowing. Please pass the book on to someone who has a chance at reading it in this lifetime. There are so many readers looking for great stories who would be thrilled to give your book the time it deserves.


Will You Join My Book Tour?

While my old blog did participate in book tours, that is not something I am doing on this iteration.


Can I Get Feedback About My Book?

I offer an editing service, and the details can be found here. The type of feedback I provide takes many hours. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible for me to accept requests for feedback outside of the editing service.


I'm a New Author. Can You Give Me Some Advice?

Good news! I have an entire section of my site dedicated to sharing helpful information for aspiring and published authors. You can check it out here.


Can We Co-Author?

Currently, I am not able to commit to any new projects.


Can I Get a Review Copy of Your Book?

To keep things simple, I send out review copies in batches. You can join my ARC newsletter here to be notified when review copies are available.

When is Your Next Book Coming Out?

Ongoing information about upcoming releases can be found here. You can also join my book newsletter here to be notified about new releases.


Can I Guest Post On Your Blog?

I do not accept guest posts as the blog is intended to be personal.


I'm a Blogger. Can You Give Me Some Advice?

Absolutely! I have a section here dedicated to articles for bloggers.


Will You Guest Post On My Blog?

Thank you for the offer. However, my current schedule does not allow for guest posting at this time.

Sponsorships and PR

Do You Accept Sponsorships?

I do, if it pertains to the topics I write about, such as pets (dogs, cats, and freshwater aquariums), travel, blogging, veganism and plant-based diet, and eco-friendly cosmetics, beauty, and fashion. Please note all sponsorships will be clearly noted as such. As well, I will only give honest reviews. Please contact me to discuss.

Do You Have a Media Kit?

I do! It’s right here. Please contact me with any questions.

How Does an Item Get Listed on the Shop?

The shop is at my own discretion based on how much I like the item, how useful it might be to my readers, and the terms of the related affiliate link. Spots in the the shop are not available by request.


What is the Best Way to Reach You?

Email is ideal. Here is my contact form.

Why are Comments Disabled on the Blog?

The short answer is that I prefer to centralize as much as possible, so blog post discussions happen on my Facebook page. The long answer is here.

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